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Work-study position personnel recruitment announcement
Sanming Medical College funding information inquiry
Proof of tuition and accommodation fees
Announcement of the winners of the 3rd Student Aid Policy and Financial Knowledge Competition
Student source credit student loan operation process
Recruitment announcement for the second semester of the 2021-2022 academic year for work-study positions
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Our school held a "Welcome to the top 20 • Youth praise Party" in the 2021-2022 academic year...
Our college participated in the video training meeting on promoting the National student loan business in 2022
Funding policy Rural travel - Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College student policy announcement...
Light leads forward and walk with light | this "light pursuit event" is waiting for you
Financial knowledge campus line - break card knowledge into the campus
The funding center of our Institute holds training meetings for work-study employers
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Measures for the administration of student grants
Measures for the implementation of tuition fee remission for students from poor families
Comprehensive scholarship evaluation method
Measures for the implementation of support for growth
Skills competition scholarship implementation measures
Measures for assessing state grants
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Student Fee Waiver Application Form (Latest) Click to download
Temporary Hardship Grant Application Form (Latest) Click to download
Support for Growth Grant Application Form (Latest) Click to download
Student winter and summer training subsidies approval form Click to download
Support for Growth Grant application form Click to download
National Grant Application form Click to download

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