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Data download
National computer level 1 MSOffice latest 10 sets of question bank (without operation video) 2022-02-28
March 26, 2022 National Computer Rank examination review materials including operation video 2021-11-24
Sanming Medical College Rui campus teaching platform smart classroom introduction 2021-05-30
frame work46 2020-09-23
frame work40 2020-09-22
National computer rank examination simulation software 2020-09-15
Superstar Pan-ya platform mobile terminal - learn to use instructions 2019-11-29
Sanming Medical Science and Technology Vocational College VPN64 version software download 2019-10-26
Square smart Campus user manual 2019-10-25
office2010 2018-12-06
Cloud Classroom Space Client (New edition 2018.9.2) 2017-12-06
Educational administration system client installation program 2017-12-06
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